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Contreat are the concrete treatment, protection and repair specialists. We have a huge amount of experience in delivering a wide range of concrete solutions and are regularly contracted by very sizeable organisations to carry out large scale concrete treatment and protection work. We are a young, dynamic company who operate throughout Belgium, France and The Netherlands. If you need concrete treatment, impregnation and protection services, send an email to us at or use the contact form. We love to treat concrete!

Spraying Waterproof Skirts

We can ensure total waterproofing in the basements of buildings and various concrete structures with the use of a waterproof skirt that provides complete protection from moisture ingress. We can also treat concrete by injecting damp-proofing that leaves concrete structurally sound for many years.


Once thoroughly cleaned, we can impregnate concrete so that its pores are closed and will no longer take in any dirt or other foreign materials. In addition, this process means that the concrete will not release any dust into the atmosphere so that it requires less maintenance and is more healthy for employees.

MMA Membrane

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) membranes are flexible, elasticated waterproofing solutions that can be used on floors or walls. Our highly durable membranes can be sprayed on so that they provide the ultimate protection for buildings and other infrastructure.

Biogas Installation

The increasing use of Biogas means that there is an elevated demand for high quality, long-lasting tank lining solutions. Contreat are well known for installing tank linings that offer a very high level of safety and security, and guarantee minimised production downtime caused by the need for repairs and maintenance works.

Water Treatment Installation

When dealing with water treatment plants, the need for an experienced contractor using dependable products is obvious. Contreat have been involved in countless projects at large water treatment facilities in France and the lowlands and can waterproof and protect up to 12000 square metres of concrete in just 6 weeks. For details, get in touch with us today.