On behalf of Alheembouw we provide a flexible external drinking water receptacle with associated pump cellar and service buildings in Asse, and this over an area of 1.310 m². For this we use the MasterSeal6100FX from BASF.

Evian/Danone Biogas Plant - Vinzier, France.

Our clients Evian and Danone gave us the task of protecting the groundwater at Evian Les Bains by using the controlled fertilization of the fields in the surrounding area. We used a PMMA system including a flexible membrane over a surface area of 720 m². The project was delivered in August 2016.

'La Seine Musicale' – a new concert building in Boulogne-Billancourt (Paris-Sud)

We were commissioned by Bouygues Batiment IDF to assist with the renovation of this building. We installed impregnation glass (11530 m²) and a permanent anti-graffiti system (2695 m²), and achieved a uniform colour across the whole building. The surface is now water and dirt repellant and very low maintenance. We had a very limited time in which to work and the project was delivered in just 7 weeks, completed in April 2017.

Park Passionists - Tienen, Belgium

A similar project to 'La Seine Musicale', we were contracted to correct the extensive staining on the facade of these newly constructed apartment blocks. An impregnation glaze was applied, resulting in an even finish, eliminating colour differences and leaving a non-peel, low-maintenance, dirt-repellant painted surface. There is now no possibility of future rust bleeding and the lifetime of the concrete has been significantly extended. The 760 m² for Roey Group was completed in March 2017.

Pont Citadelle - Strasbourg

This steel bridge had to be waterproofed before concrete could be poured. We installed a waterproof membrane with a stretch of up to 390%. Primer was sprayed onto a steel substrate and the 1st layer of MMA membrane applied. The 2nd layer of MMA membrane could already be applied after just 15 minutes! The total workable surface was 1000 m2 a day.

Gypsum Tank (Water Purification Tank) - Veurne, Benelux

Pepsico contracted us to protect the concrete wall in the gas phase of a water purification tank. We used a PMMA structure, with a 300 m2 membrane. This project was delivered in December 2016.