Betoncosmetics, Graffiti Removal, Waterproofing... We Do Everything!

Contreat provide a comprehensive range of concrete protection and beautification services including betoncosmetics, graffiti removal, waterproofing, impregnation and reliable tank lining work. Our experienced concrete experts are some of the very best around, and you'll find our level of customer service second to none. To discuss a solution that will meet your specific needs, get in touch with us today using the contact form or send an email to us at and we'll reply promptly.

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If you need your concrete to present a smart, clean image to the world, get in contact with Contreat today. We appreciate that when concrete is to be used for civil engineering, or on sites where your customers may see it, you're going to want it to have as professional a finish as possible. Just ask us about the possibilities.

Glazing & Antigraffiti

Concrete structures are a common target for vandalism and can quickly be turned into an eyesore due to graffiti. However, vulnerable concrete areas can be coated or glazed to prevent the application of spray paint and other substances that may otherwise be very time consuming – and expensive – to remove.


Structures such as tunnels and bridges are particularly susceptible to water ingress because of their constant exposure to the elements. Luckily, Contreat are waterproofing specialists and can provide highly cost effective long-term protection for all kinds of concrete. Contact us to find out more.

Injection Work

Concrete injection and impregnation work is a very effective solution to a wide variety of problems that includes rising damp. We can help protect your structures so that they remains safe and solid, whilst also preventing the unsightly visual effects of moisture ingress.

Tank Lining

Reliable tank linings are essential in a number of commercial and industrial situations, and Contreat can install linings that will ensure your business can continue without the need for expensive downtime. We provide tailor-made solutions, so contact our team today for more information.