Waterproofing and protecting concrete structures

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Sealing concrete

As the specialist in the treatment, protection and repair of concrete, Contreat works using Xolutec technology: an innovative and intelligent way to provide durable waterproofing and protection of concrete structures in extreme circumstances that require high chemical-resistance.

The power of Xolutec

Xolutec is a new dimension in durability. The two-component crack-bridging membrane MasterSeal M 790 based on Xolutec technology, provides seamless waterproofing for the inflow and outflow areas of water purification plants, sewage pipelines, biogas plants and secondary containments (reservoirs).

The MasterSeal M 790 coating can be used on a range of surfaces, both inside and outside, dry or wet: on horizontal and vertical surfaces, on concrete, cement-based mortar and steel surfaces and on reinforced concrete, against chemical attack, corrosion and carbonation.

5 benefits of Xolutec

Cures fast: even at low temperatures, so it can be used quickly 

Insensitive to light

Can be used in diverse treatment circumstances, less chance of delays or defects 

Long maintenance cycles & lower life-cycle costs: considerable reduction in the total installation costs

Low VOC content, quick application


  • The water that flows through the pipes, contains sulfur compounds which are converted by bacteria into hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which then escapes in the sewage water 1.

  • This gas can be oxidised by other bacteria, creating sulfuric acid (H2SO4), which attacks concrete due to its very low pH-value. This phenomenon is known as biogenic sulfuric acid corrosion 2.

  • These acid attacks occur in the top part of the sewers and can reduce the thickness of unprotected concrete by 6 to 12 mm per year.

The water-proofing solution for your concrete?

Contact us immediately and we’ll be happy to tell you more about how Xolutec technology can provide waterproofing and durable protection for your concrete structures.